Hollow Kitty

The Gem of Hidden Gems in the Sunset

UrbanDaddy - HollowSome things take a little extra effort.
But every now and again, wading through a river of trinkets and tchotchkes will get you to the promised land.
And by promised land we mean some amazing coffee and a few treats.
Introducing Hollow, a new blink-and-you'll-miss-it coffee and novelty shop, open now in the Sunset.
Hollow brings the hipster quirk of Valencia Street (think Four Barrel Coffee meets Paxton Gate) to Irving Street, with pro baristas pulling shots of Ritual Roasters on the La Marzocco espresso machine and walls lined with a smattering of random trinkets (think: reindeer wine stoppers and mermaid bottle openers).
Bring a date, venture down the narrow path—lined with Vinny (the wooden dog), a wire birdcage and moose antlers—and pick up a few treats like vanilla butter-cream cupcakes and pecan crisps to go with your latte. Once you settle at one of the two elevated marble tables perched by the window, you can watch the crowd coming in from the handrolled-cigar shop next door.
Which will be your next stop.


1435 Irving St
(between 15th and 16th Ave)
San Francisco , CA, 94122

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