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Hey, sometimes in life you gotta roll with the punches. And sometimes in life you gotta turn your non-Mexican restaurant into a Mexican restaurant. Case Study #57881-B: Michael Schlow’s Mexican-ification of his former Happy’s Bar and Kitchen into Barrio Cantina, which opens tomorrow at 5pm. Here’s what you need to know.

You won’t recognize it.
Gone is the graffiti-lined, found-in-Grandma’s-basement vibe of Happy’s. In its place: old-timey Mexican movie posters on the far wall, some Mexican tile work and old books on Frida Kahlo repurposed as entryway art (respect: it was all done by Schlow’s six-month-pregnant wife in a couple of weeks).

It’s got range.
On some nights, the velvet curtains will be drawn between the lounge and the dining area, and you and a Salma Hayek look-alike can make a slow evening a little cozier with adobo-grilled-pork fajitas, tamales with sweet potato and shrimp, and street tacos with beef tongue and beef cheek. On other evenings—spring and summer evenings, namely—you and your crew of Red Sox Nationers will prep for the first pitch with ample margaritas.

About those margaritas...
They’re fueled by 80 tequilas. If you’re looking for a little kick, go with the Hot n’ Skinny, house-infused with a tequila that contains ghost chili pepper.

Milk is for sissies.

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