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Beer Pretzels and Rare Suds at Harpoon

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It’s great catching up with an old friend.

Especially upon learning he’s converted part of the homestead into an in-home bar.

Now, have that friend be the Harpoon Brewery, and replace “in-home bar” with “humongous Germanic-style beer hall for conquering kings.”


Hand your paige your chain mail and sword at Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall, a massive, wood-lined warrior cavern for rare suds and beer pretzels, slated to open sometime next week.

This is like stepping into a soundstage for Game of Thrones. It’s huge (holds 300-plus). The bar—which houses 20 rotating taps of Harpoon everything—and tables are all made from fallen Vermont butternut trees. And grandiose black medieval candle-chandeliers hang overhead (refrain from any Errol Flynn–style swing moves).

The plan: you’ll come in with a huge crew and spend a couple hours clinking IPA flights at the bar. Or you’ll sit at a long communal table and mix it up with strangers over rounds of Harpoon’s 100 Barrel series (mmm... coffee porter), fortified by palm-sized pretzels baked on site using beer and spent grains from the brewing process (try the IPA cheese sauce).

You’ll also be able to take a tour across the redesigned catwalk, where you can see the entire bottling/canning operation, including the actual stockpile of beer.

No, it’s not heaven. It’s the seaport.


Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall
306 Northern Ave
Boston, MA, 02210


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