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All of these gas stations share two things in common: they have gas. They lack all-night dance parties.

Here to right that wrong, The Station, an after-after-hours dance club that’s operating within the confines of what looks to be an old gas station, now open in Downtown.

If someone had told you yesterday that this weekend you’d be dancing under a canopy of laser lights and fake fog in a decommissioned gas station, you’d have probably said, “That sounds like something I’d do.” Also, you’d have probably wanted a few more details.

Those details: veteran club guys take run-down service station, remove the pumps, add an elevated DJ booth, replace the old metal garage doors, hang up some pinup posters, make a couple tables out of spare tires and, presto chango, they’ve got something special.

So, right... Saturday, that would be a good time to investigate this. We’d suggest coming by late night. After dinner. After you’ve shut down the party at LIV (yeah, we’re talking that kind of late). Get a drink from the book-lined wooden bar area. Drink that drink on a velvet couch off in some shadowy corner.

Then head for the parking lot out back. That’s where they keep the stage for live music and the party going until sometime around 11.



The Station
62 NE 14th St
(at NE Miami Pl)
Miami, FL, 33132


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