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A Bold New Sunglass Shop on La Brea

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They say the eyes are windows to the soul. Which means sunglasses are the windows to the windows to the soul.


Also, you need a nice pair for looking good while you drive around on the freeways and stuff.

Behold the sleek UV-blocking power of Garrett Leight California Optical, the most important shop for the middle third of your head in recent memory, now soft-open on La Brea.

So Garrett Leight. That’s a modern, bright white shop, and a person. He’s sort of like the Prince William of the LA shades scene. (His dad is known as the king of Oliver Peoples.) You might know also him as the guy behind A. Kinney Court in Venice. But anyway. Back to your face.

Come into this new shop and you’ll find it: the whole namesake line. All sorts of shades and glasses that channel a Talented Mr. Ripley/Gregory Peck/retro-but-timeless situation around your nose. Also some untouched ’80s vintage Oliver Peoples. Well... someone probably touched them to get them into the store. But still.

And if your feet get jealous while this is going down, you can also pick up some bucks or boots from Mark McNairy—every good shades shop has bucks. And soon they plan to have some weekend pancake breakfasts while you shop.

So their priorities are as they should be.


Garrett Leight California Optical
165 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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