Down Shirt Jacket by Crescent Down Works

Double Down

A Coat That's Also a Shirt

UrbanDaddy - Down Shirt Jacket by Crescent Down WorksWell, it's February. And you've got to do something about this blustery mid-70s winter.

You need a coat that's still kind of just a shirt. You need this number from Crescent Down Works, now available at South Willard on Third Street.

First thing you'll notice about the Down Shirt Jacket is the effect created by the chest pocket, collar and button-down closures with leather reinforcements. Combined with the unusually lean fit, you're more likely to hit the slopes looking like an all-business athlete rather than a cured ham at the deli counter. (Still, we don't recommend tucking it into your trousers.)

Available in navy or black, the Shirt Jacket isn't just a trendy gimmick—it hails from a Seattle company that's custom-filled each piece with goose down since 1974. And in that corner of the country, goose-down vests in winter are something closer to a necessity, so you can be assured it'll work at Big Bear just as well as the boardroom. Just kidding about the boardroom...

At least not until you find your down-filled tie.


Down Shirt Jacket by Crescent Down Works
South Willard
8038 W. Third St
(at Laurel)
West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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