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A Genuine Lobster Shack in the Gold Coast

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Cape Cawd.


Nomaar Garciapaarra.

Ask anyone in Chicago. They’ll tell you. Dem East Coasters just talk funny.

But hey, dey make one wicked good lobster roll.

So let’s discuss Da Lobsta, opening today in the Gold Coast as Chicago’s answer to a Cape Cod seafood shack. Well, Bill Swerski’s answer, anyhow.

There are no white tablecloths at this homey little quick-serve. Just some lobster traps on the walls. A few nets strewn about, some nautical rope, a few buoys, a Bulls jersey made from what looks like a chunk of pier debris. Basically, it’s what your bedroom would look like if you spent your teenage years on a lobster boat.

Anyway, the timing couldn’t be better. Nothing beats a bowl or so of lobster bisque or New England clam chowder on a cold day. Except when there are lobster grilled cheeses and housemade whoopie pies to go with it. (There are.)

But the rolls are the important things. You can get yours stuffed with lobster, crab or shrimp. Plus, acclaimed chef Michael Taus (of recently-shuttered-Zealous fame) has helped create the international-y menu. There’s a traditional roll, but you can also order options like a surf-and-turf-with-bacon roll or what they call the Greek with tzatziki sauce, cucumber and tomato.

It’s the gyro you’ve always known a gyro could be.


Da Lobsta
12 E Cedar St
(at N State St)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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