A Facebook App Investigating Your Flu

None Influenza. It’s bad out there.

You may even have a touch of it now.

And while it won’t soften the body aches, possibly locating the outbreak monkey-friend who gave it to you would be cathartic.

Establish a root cause with Help, My Friend Gave Me the Flu, a simple Facebook app for finding friends to possibly finger as your patient zero, available now.

Should you be one of the infirmed, we’ll keep this brief (you really need your rest). By trolling through all of your friends’ status updates, the app compiles a shortlist of those who are possible carriers of the illness plaguing the city (and really disrupting your social agenda).

And be it your local tavern’s bartender’s case of the sniffles, or your office manager oversharing the pitfalls of parenting sick offspring, you’ll wind up with a breakdown of who’s sickest, with the prime suspect at the top in red, and others who should be avoided (you can still text them, though).

Granted, its accuracy will depend on your proximity to the majority of your friends. And even if that gorgeous research analyst you friended on a lark yet never met in person couldn’t be the culprit, who knows... maybe this is an in.

Hunting the sick: works for lions.


Help, My Friend Gave Me the Flu

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