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Cocktails on Your iPhone

UrbanDaddy - Cocktails Made EasyIt's hard to imagine having too many cocktails in your life.
But in these trying times, we all have to make sacrifices and pare things down to the bare essentials...including your list of go-to drinks.
We think 500 is a good start.
Welcome to Cocktails Made Easy, a new iPhone app that uses 14 basic ingredients to create 500 essential, absolutely necessary cocktails.
What drew us to this app over the rest of the drink toys out there is its connection to UK-based Difford's Guide to Cocktails, our go-to for classics in a nice little package.
Visit the cocktail cabinet and mark the spirits you have on hand (or splurge on all 14), then the app will pull up the relevant recipes in your "My Bar" section. If you want to make a random drink, just shake your phone (not unlike a martini), and the app will randomly select one for you. Tap on your drink of choice—say, the Mexican Manhattan—and the app will pull up a photo, along with the recipe, recommended glass and garnish, and Difford's comments and star rating.
You can personalize each recipe by adding your own rating and notes, organizing a favorites list and even email recipes to your friends.
After all, you'll want to share the wealth.

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