Aces Up

The New Express Train to AC

For years it has been a dream.

A way to get to the promised land of AC quickly without car, bus, caravan or covered wagon—and without sacrificing your ability to mix a martini.
It's here. It's now. It's the ACES Train, the new luxury express train from New York to Atlantic City, now accepting reservations for its February 6 debut.
For those moments when you know that pocket aces are coming your way, the brand-new trains are your new go-to, trafficless option for getting to the tables quickly. All the seats are leather, there's only one stop between you and the craps table (unfortunately in Newark), and the train only runs Friday to Sunday, perfectly limiting the time you should be spending in AC.
But you'll probably want to focus most of your attention on the upper deck, where first-class tickets (more leg room, more waitresses) and a BYOB-friendly reserve lounge with flat screens and a dedicated waitress await. So rather than taking your chances on the Garden State Parkway, reserve the lounge, pick up a case of champagne, and before you know it you'll be at the Borgata refreshed and ready to make some bad decisions.
At least you got the travel part right...

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