Faith & Whiskey

Keep the Faith

Faith & Whiskey in Lincoln Park

We've been hearing a lot about the power of hope today.

Yet in tough times, it's wise to never underestimate a good, bracing shot of rye whiskey for lifting one's soul.

That explains our excitement for Faith & Whiskey, opening this Friday in Lincoln Park, reconnecting you with the essentials of a good night out: loud music and sturdy booze.

Starting Friday, you'll hunker down on a black-lacquered barstool under the dim glow of deer antler chandeliers, and cozy up to more than 100 kinds of whiskeys—well, eventually. The starting list boils it down to some pretty foolproof options, letting you cut straight to a Templeton Rye Manhattan, while you send a Backstage Pass (Maker's, peach and mango vodkas, pineapple juice) to the girls at the end of the bar.

Then again, a simple shot of Jack might be more apropos. From the six iconic guitars hanging on the wall (including a reissued Joe Strummer Telecaster) to the dueling Triumph Bobber motorcycles (the British version of a Harley chopper) perched above the bar—not to mention that rock soundtrack playing overhead—if you're very quiet you can almost hear Keith Richards calling out to you.

He seems so lifelike when you're drinking.


Faith & Whiskey
1365 W. Fullerton Ave
(at Southport)
Lincoln Park
Chicago , IL, 60614

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