Dolphin Tale

The Glorious Return of Dancing

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Dances you’re familiar with:

The Charleston.

The hustle.

The cabbage patch.

That thing where you just look at your shoes, close your eyes and wave your arms around.

The point: start practicing your best moves now—because crazy, swirling, booming, crowded dance floors are making their triumphant return to Chicago.

Specifically, at Dolphin, the next generation of the legendary Lincoln Park venue, debuting next Friday.

Surely you remember Green Dolphin Street, with its smoky jazz trios, its on-again-off-again restaurant, its Monday night house-music melee known as Boom Boom Room. Well, here’s the current situation. Jazz: gone. Food: gone. Boom Boom Room: now Sunday nights. We’re assuming you’re okay with all of that.

But now when you walk in, you can mill about in a small central bar, drinking your favorite energy-enhancing cocktail. If you want a place to hang out with a bottle of champagne, you’ll be escorted into the lounge, outfitted with gauzy drapes lit in the pastel shades of Miami. Perfectly acceptable choices.

Yet you may notice a deep rumble in your bones. It feels something like an earthquake. Oh, that’s merely the 100,000-watt sound system rocking the dance floor. You’ll spend most of your time here, getting sweaty under a kaleidoscopic LED light show. Though, occasionally, you will be blasted by some super-chilled nitrogen fog.

C+C Music Factory be damned.


2200 N Ashland Ave
(at N Webster Ave)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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