Foot Soldiers

Boot Perfection by Way of New England

None You’re about to read some words that we’ve written for you.

Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. And some will make you look down at your feet and beg their forgiveness for years of neglect and abuse.

And then make it up to them with these...

Feast your eyes on the New England Outerwear Company, a new Maine-based leather bootslinger solely dedicated to swaddling your feet in all the hand-sewn, American-made cowhide they deserve, online now.

These guys make boots and boat shoes. But they get all serious and attention-to-detail-y about it. Like by only using Horween Chromexcel leather (from the guys who also give the NFL its football leather). And custom-making every pair to order. And hand-stitching everything with an actual awl and needle instead of a robot.

Those details matter, you know. Just ask anyone who’s never worn a pair of burgundy fieldsman boots modeled after traditional 19th-century New England hunting boots. They’ll tell you they’re miserable inside and wish they had better taste in footwear. It just happens. Same deal for that pair of black four-eye quarter boots.

And keep an eye out, because soon enough they’ll be rolling out some gear and accessories, too.

So you can make peace with the rest of your body.


New England Outerwear Company

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