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City Provisions' Cocktail Party

UrbanDaddy - City Provisions Supper Club's Cocktail SoireeWhen it comes to keeping you warm, nothing beats a nip of whiskey. Or gin. Or vodka. Or, in weather like this, all three.

So tonight, you may want to consider dropping by City Provisions Supper Club's first-ever midweek cocktail soiree in Ravenswood.

Some background: City Provisions, a robust catering service, quietly began hosting monthly shindigs at its storefront last July. And we'll be honest: So far they've appealed mostly to the heirloom-tomato crowd—meaning semiformal sit-down dinners, with probably a bit too much discussion about the Green City Market.

Tonight's event will attempt to reset the booze-food balance. When you enter, you'll find several candlelit tables holding an array of appetizers, from the decadently funny (Elvis Bruschetta: organic peanut butter with caramelized bananas on brioche) to the pragmatically soused (two-potato latkes with whiskey-ginger apple sauce; turkey meatloaf sliders with chipotle-vodka ketchup).

But the food is merely a prelude to the main event: cocktails featuring organic gin, vodka and whiskey from our favorite distiller north of the Cheddar Curtain, Death's Door Spirits. The cold-weather remedies include Winter Juleps (whiskey, brown-sugar syrup, peppermint tea, mint leaf), Vodka Cobblers (with Lillet and honey simple syrup) and Maple Whiskey Milk Punch.

Which should have you feeling rather toasty in no time.


City Provisions Supper Club
1820 W. Wilson Ave
(between Wolcott and Ravenswood)
Chicago, IL, 60640

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