Things to do for December 20, 2012

The Weekender

Marty McFly, Fish Feasts and Legendary Cereal

The weekend’s heart grew three sizes that day.

UD - A Wild Brooklyn Bakery Comes West

A Wild Brooklyn Bakery Comes West

The Brooklyn baked-goods spot Bien Cuit is bringing its various apple-cardamom danishes, large disks of olive bread, bourbon banana tarts, quiches and the occasional Reuben to Manhattan for your eating pleasure. Also, your having-an-impressive-loaf-of-bread-sticking-out-of-your-bag pleasure.

Now open, Bien Cuit, 35 Christopher St (at Waverly)

UD - 70% Off at Hugo Boss

70% Off at Hugo Boss

You’ve been considering a radical expansion of your dress-shirt collection. Of course, you’ll need some new suits to match. Well, it just so happens that Hugo Boss makes both, and you can get them right now for a song. Note: they probably won’t actually accept songs as payment.

UD - An Italian Feast, British-Style

An Italian Feast, British-Style

As a rule, you attend any event with a name like the Feast of the Seven Fishes. It’s why you were front and center at the Liberation of the Infinite Hot Tubs, and it’s why you’ll dine on turbot tranche and oysters at John Dory soon. It’s just sound policy.

UD - Marty McFly and Chinese on Christmas

Marty McFly and Chinese on Christmas

It’s a tradition as old as... this year: ignoring Christmas, digging into some life-affirming chow mein and giving yourself over to the big-screen genius of Marty McFly and Doc. It’s happening Tuesday in Tribeca. Maybe you’re not ready for that yet... but your kids are gonna love it.

Dec 25, 12:30pm, $25 ($30 at door), 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson St (between Vestry and Desbrosses), 212-601-1000, tickets here

UD - The Most Decadent Cereal Ever Created

The Most Decadent Cereal Ever Created

Froot Loops. Cookie Crisp. Count Chocula... They’ve all just been put to shame. French baking superstar Dominique Ansel has made a Christmas-morning cereal out of caramelized-chocolate-covered Rice Krispies, hazelnuts and cinnamon marshmallows. This may finally put the Trix Rabbit over the edge for good.

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