The Rejection List

The Things We Left Behind in 2012

Imagine The Good, the Bad and the Ugly without Clint Eastwood. That’s pretty much what you’re working with here—the bad and the ugly. The worst ideas we saw this year. These, dear friends, are the rejects of 2012.

UD - Deodorgrams


This anonymous gift of deodorant just slipped through the cracks of every gift guide you read this season. Give it to someone who smells and doesn’t know it. Four scents to choose from. It’s either this, or getting friends who don’t reek.

UD - Face-Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

Face-Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

Here’s your “of course it’s from Japan” submission... The idea here is, you open and close your mouth against the resistance of these bloated rubber lips. This allegedly fights wrinkles and helps keep your face slim. Apparently, there’s a facial obesity crisis over there.

UD - His Hair Scalp Pigmentation

His Hair Scalp Pigmentation

Baldness happens. It’s just an unhappy fact of life. On one end of the reaction spectrum—the good end—you’ve got your Michael Jordans, your Bruce Willises and your Ben Kingsleys. On the other end, there’s this—essentially tattooed hair. You’ve always wanted to look like a human Photoshop disaster.

UD - MatchPuppy


You’re familiar with the existence of dating sites like And you’re familiar with puppies like Lassie. Well, this is the fusion of the two. It’s a dating site for dogs... who apparently use the Internet now.

UD - Spoiled


This place sells used designer clothes for toddlers, which evidently exist in the first place. Some of said used designer clothes cost more than a good meal at Per Se. Which... yeah. Hey, at least that Marc Jacobs cardigan really pops in the sandbox.

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