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Rarities for Your Face on Third Street

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You walk into the latest hot spot. It’s all futuristic and white.

You have a seat at a long, lean communal table down the center. Of course there’s a communal table down the center.

And then you summon over some help and ask to see the house specials.

Sorry, we mean try on the house specials.

Take a look at Dr. York, a sleek Third Street emporium of uniquely wearable things to put over your eyes, now open.

Here’s the thing. There are plenty of shades you like—hard to ever go wrong with classic aviators or Wayfarers. But when you’re sitting around in some friend’s backyard/walking down some friend’s red carpet and everybody’s got the same frames on, it gets a little... awkward.

So come here. The joint’s run by this hip married couple from Mexico City (they can talk UV rays for hours). Their specialty: single-stock sunglasses from all over the globe. Just a solitary pair of each color and style. You buy it, that’s it. The look is solely yours.

There’s also a pretty deep vintage collection here. So yes, they can absolutely get you some rare ’50s Ray-Bans. Or ’60s Persols. Or ’70s Yves Saint Laurents.

Or ’80s Madonna.

Wait, what were we talking about...


Dr. York
8302 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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