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Bub City, by the Numbers

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This time of year, you’re thinking about two things: baby back ribs and country music. And if not, you will be. Last night, the team behind Hub 51, Paris Club and RPM Italian opened Bub City, a swaggering River North reboot of the famed early-’90s urban honky-tonk. We took it upon ourselves to investigate. Here’s the breakdown.

Years the original Bub City was open: 9
Nights this Bub City has been open: 1
Yards of chicken wire across the stage: 0
Approximate square feet of wood paneling: 30
Cowboys in attendance: 0
Melmans in attendance: ~4
Whiskeys in attendance: ~125
Approximate number of beer cans used to create the American flag: 429
Beer cans on the menu: 13
Beer cans with “Moose Drool” in the name: 1 (Big Sky Moose Drool)
Approximate temperature of the frozen, blanco-tequila-infused Mexican Firing Squad cocktail: -32 degrees Fahrenheit
Seconds our tongue was numb after drinking it: 45
Bucks per cluck in the Eight Buck-Cluck fried-chicken sandwich: 8
Time someone stood on his chair and yelled “Woo-hoo” toward the music stage: 8pm
Time a country band took the stage: 10pm

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