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The Sexiest Instagrams of 2012

10 Photos The Sexiest Instagrams of 2012
None 10 Photos The Sexiest Instagrams of 2012
Tomorrow morning: pretty big morning.

You’ll give. You’ll receive. You’ll... possibly be tempted to punch your brother-in-law in the neck.

It’s the holidays. These things happen.

But for now, it’s today.

And today is as good a day as any to look at a bunch of sexified Instagrams from the last 358 days.


Behold The Sexiest Instagrams of 2012, a completely necessary slideshow overflowing with some of the most candid, underdressed and... underdressed sepia-toned pics of the year.

There’s not much you really need to know here. Other than the fact that Miranda Kerr loves to wear lacy things. And that Jessica Alba likes to float around in kiddie pools full of really colorful balls. And that neither of them is all that shy about posting pictures on Instagram for your general amusement.

But keep looking. Keep clicking around. Hey, there’s a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models traipsing around backstage after the fashion show. And what’s that... oh, that’s just Bar Refaeli dancing by herself on a boat.

Lucky boat.

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