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Eggnog and Hot Buttered Rum in Evanston

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This weekend, it’s going to get cold. So if by chance you find yourself standing in the middle of Howard Street, shivering, naked and disoriented, just stay calm and remember your field training.

Find the nearest hot buttered rum and hold on until morning.

Luckily, you’ll be pretty close to Ward Eight, a new low-lit den that’s well-stocked with enough rum and moonshine to get you back on your feet, now open.

Well, you probably should find some pants and stuff first. But once safely inside, you’ll notice that this place is pretty inviting. They’ve located some old church pews in Ohio and turned them into bar seating, swinging saloon doors for the kitchen and paneling for the bar. (Pews are so very versatile.)

Well-prepared cocktails are the order of the night here—there are 26, each meticulously researched and listed with its date of birth. There are your classics like the sherry eggnog (circa 1882) and newer ones like their own mixologists’ apple-whiskey and bourbon Dead Meadow (2010).

So yes, consider this the rare date-worthy cocktailing spot where doing a house shot—yellow Chartreuse and bitters—actually has a certain charm. Go ahead, linger over your charcuterie platters and your fig-and-farmer’s-cheese sandwiches. Trade stories while looking at each other over your gimlets and your Christmas ales.

The way Santa does with Mrs. Claus.

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