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The UrbanDaddy NYC Holiday Gift Guide

Lately, you’ve felt like tossing out a few tokens of your gratitude to the people you’re close to, just for being them. Luckily, it’s also the holidays, so... two birds, one stone. Here are the five gifts that will make them throw out all their other gifts in disgust.

UD - Your Own Piece of Cocktail Real Estate

Your Own Piece of Cocktail Real Estate

Saxon + Parole’s been hoarding and bottling the cocktail specialties of bartenders across the city. You’ll procure a bottle for a beloved imbiber. The bottle will live in the bar’s cocktail cabinet. The imbiber will go and have it poured and prepared for them whenever they please. Professional pouring is a lost art.

UD - Maps of the Hometown

Maps of the Hometown

These handsome maps say “Everything Here Is Wonderful.” So what you’re going to do is think of someone you know from San Francisco or, say, Moab, Utah, buy the corresponding map here and then give it to them. And then they’ll know everything’s good on the home front.

UD - A Burger-Delivery Subscription

A Burger-Delivery Subscription

You can picture it now. There’re your friends, sitting at work, not eating burgers. Brings a tear to your eye. And it’s a wrong you’ll right this holiday season—with this operation, which delivers a burger from a different source once a week, every week. World peace can’t be far behind.

UD - The Montauk Beach House Membership

The Montauk Beach House Membership

You can make summer happen. Right now. For anyone. It’ll come in the form of this all-access summer ’13 membership to everlasting pool parties, DJ sets, fashion shows and general beach-bumming at the Montauk Beach House. Think of it as Christmas in July.

UD - The Piano from Casablanca

The Piano from Casablanca

Maybe this is for a Bogie fan. Maybe your brother just really needs a piano. But Sam’s actual ivories from Casablanca are on the block, and they’d make you an all-time gifting legend. Interesting side note: the piano explodes if you play “As Time Goes By.”

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