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The Hot List: 2012 Holiday Parties

The holidays. They’re here. Which means eggnog, awful sweaters and... a really good excuse to throw a lavish party. Herewith: five worthy halls for such an affair. Start decking...

The Billiard Room at the Bath Club

The Billiard Room at the Bath Club

You Require: Something with a pool table. And stiff drinks.
You’ll Receive: A swanky billiards room (leather couches, massive chandeliers) for you and your fellow revelers. Also, a private bar, because what’s reveling without a few cocktails.

Seats 100, holds 125, The Bath Club, 5937 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-867-5938

The James Bond Gallery at the Dezer

The James Bond Gallery at the Dezer

You Require: A place big enough to bring the entire company. All 25 floors’ worth of it.
You’ll Receive: A cavernous, 15,000-square-foot garage space that’s home to the largest collection of original James Bond automobiles. Try and be careful around those ejector seats.

Sam’s at SLS Hotel South Beach

Sam’s at SLS Hotel South Beach

You Require: Somewhere no one can find you... and 39 of your closest friends.
You’ll Receive: Privacy. Lots of it. Because this nautically themed lounge is hidden above the Bazaar. So nobody has to know what you’re up to in there. (We suggest eating an SLS-catered spread and blasting Wham’s “Last Christmas.”)

The Tiki Bar at Soho Beach House

The Tiki Bar at Soho Beach House

You Require: A tropical oasis. You know, something that screams “Christmas.”
You’ll Receive: A personal fire pit, a plate of s’mores supplies and a 100-foot pool to eat them by. Good thing your Santa suit is waterproof.

Seats 40, holds 80, Soho Beach House, 4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 786-507-7900

La Cave D’Azur at Villa Azur

La Cave D’Azur at Villa Azur

You Require: Seasonal spelunking. Okay, we’re kidding, but a cavern full of wine would be nice.
You’ll Receive: A handsome cellar underneath Villa Azur filled with 190 different wines and champagnes. Also: a bunch of French fare prepared by the place’s executive chef. You always preferred homemade foie gras to spiral ham.

Seats 12, holds 50, Villa Azur, 309 23rd St, Miami Beach, 305-763-8688

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