The Ice Rink at BLVD Social Club

Fire and Ice

A Cocktailed Winter Wonderland in the Desert

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Vegas doesn’t really have winter, per se.

Then again, it doesn’t contain the cities of New York and Paris, either. But somehow it makes those happen.

So here’s your Vegas winter...

Lace ’em up tight for The Ice Rink at BLVD Social Club, a cocktail-drenched outdoor ice paradise on the Strip, open today through late January at the Cosmopolitan.

Normally, this is a pool that overlooks the Strip, hosts world-renowned DJs and is shadowed by a 65-foot tower with a giant screen. Now it’s an ice rink that... does all that.

Here’s what’s going to happen: you’re going to practice off-site a little bit—you know, make sure that triple axel is in top form. Then you’ll come here and stake out a place next to one of the fire pits. Fair Isle sweaters and hats with flaps on the sides or a fuzzy ball on top are just fine.

Before you hit the ice, order up some Rum ‘N’ Merrys—that’d be Brugal añejo rum, hot milk and eggnog batter. Which should loosen you up for pairs.

They’re doing throwback Thursday music nights (think roller disco on blades) and a frozen club scene on Wednesdays. But you want to be there on Date Skate Mondays—when they’ll be showing holiday movies up on the big screen.

Because none of this means anything without Elf.

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