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One last look at your shopping list for today:

1) A turkey (oh, sh*t).
2) Bourbon (the secret ingredient for your famous yams).
3) More bourbon (for drinking bourbon).
4) A holiday-appropriate shirt, some lace-ups, maybe a suit...

(Hey, you never know where the holidays will take you.)

Presenting your exclusive tour of the J.Crew Men’s Shop, a handsome new boutique of head-to-toe-ness that goes well beyond what the Crew’s previously done in LA—and what do you know, today is opening day.

What you’ll find here: a J.Crew store. For men. And yes, they’ve made a lot of room here for shirts that’ll get you through work, post-work and morning-after. But you’ll also find a lot of Wallace & Barnes (think rare military-inspired denim and belts made here in the states). And Levi’s, Dickies, some handsome Billykirk bags... all of your body is already covered, basically. And you’re still in the first room up front.

Behind that: another room that’s all about Italian cashmere and wood-grain iPhone cases. The 2012 version of peanut butter and jelly.

And then, all the way in the back—that’s where you get your new Ludlow suit. It’s cut dashing and slim, but not... vegan-Eastside-guitarist slim.

Not when there’s turkey happening.


J.Crew Men’s Shop
at The Grove
189 The Grove Dr, Ste H20
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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