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India by Flying Machine: A User’s Guide

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Bad news: magic carpets don’t actually exist.

But don’t worry: something called India by Private Jet & Helicopter does. By some strange twist of logic, it involves you, a private jet, a helicopter and a map of India. (And maybe a nice set of darts.)

Naturally, you’ve got questions. The answer: yes. See, you’re creating the entire itinerary—meaning all you really need to know is when to summon the jet or chopper. So if you’re...

Dealing with traffic in Delhi: get in the chopper. There’s a helipad smack in the city center. Command your pilot south toward Agra to make a 21st-century sultan’s escape onto the Taj Mahal lawn.

Doing the beachy thing in Goa: get on the jet. There’s a beach about a football field away from Goa’s airstrip. Time it right, and you can tuck and roll straight into your beach chair. Time it wrong, and... actually, don’t time it at all. Just walk or something.

Getting off the grid: you want the chopper. Say “Amanbagh, and step on it.” Soon enough, you’ll be traipsing through abandoned villages and sipping martinis poolside at a secluded rural resort. You know, classic India stuff.

Penning your memoirs: definitely the jet. It’s quieter—perfect for describing your week of living amongst tigers.

Plus, you know how turbulence upsets your chakras...

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