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UrbanDaddy - Discovery FlightWhen it comes to resolutions, forget less and stick to more. More adventure, more fun, more living.
Here's a start on the adventures: Fly a plane. Tomorrow.
Welcome to Discovery Flight at Diamond Aviation, a flight school that will let you take control of the plane on your first day.
First off, you don't need a license, permit or any experience whatsoever (we don't know who is braver, you or your instructor). All you have to do is show up and in about a half-hour, you'll be in the pilot's seat of a new digital, glass-cockpit Cessna 172 Garmin G1000 (the Porsche of propeller planes).
If you're thinking that flying without a license sounds extreme (and crazy), well, you're right, but rest assured you're in good hands. After a brief ground lesson and a pre-flight check, you'll take off with an instructor at full speed to about 5,000 feet, lording over the city from above. Look to your sides and you'll see jumbo jets flying into SFO before you turn toward the Pacific and fly over the Santa Cruz Mountains, where you'll practice maneuvers like steep turns, stalls, descents—everything a pilot does—before floating in for a smooth landing.
Oh, and you'll be happy to know that this flight counts toward your pilot's license flight-time requirement.
Just in case you get hooked.

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