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A Trove of Americana on Beverly

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This story begins with a lobster taco.

And ends with a strange piñata.

So sit back, relax and let us fill in the rest for you...

Behold Pigeon, a vintage shop that’s packed with Mad Men–looking love seats, forgotten Americana and, yes, rare piñatas, now open next to La Otra Taqueria Escuela on Beverly.

Steven Arroyo. He’s the guy who owns and operates Taqueria Escuela. Does marvelous things with shellfish and chorizo. Well, now he’s also the guy who owns and operates the enigmatic furniture shop next door—think the most attractive attic you’ve ever seen. Weathered flags on the ceiling. Throw rugs on the floor. Steamer trunks that look like they’ve been down the Amazon and back.

Walk in and start browsing. Or better yet, don’t, and go next door to La Otra Taqueria Escuela first. Load up the lazy Susan with lobster tacos. Eat. Spin. Eat. Spin. Okay, now go next door and start browsing.

Currently in stock: things like bamboo TV trays, original Horace Bristol prints and rosebud-y wooden sleds. Just pick something handsome and random that you think might make a good holiday gift for someone (yes, someone can be you) and buy it.

Or, if you’re currently in production on a little indie movie, borrow it. Everything in the shop is available for prop rentals. Even those piñatas over there in the corner.

CGI piñatas always look so fake.

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