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Shots and Burgers at the Venetian

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This is going to end with you mounting a giant vegetable, but it’s going to be great, so hang in there...

First, let’s talk about Rattlecan, a headbanger’s ball of a burger-and-a-shot spot covered in head-to-toe graffiti, opening this weekend at the Venetian.

This feels like a place where Axl Rose would have started a fight on the Appetite for Destruction tour. A dark, neon-lit, concert-poster-strewn cave that substitutes big hair and pointy guitars with picklebacks and burgers piled with roasted mushrooms, brie and truffle mayo (the natural evolution of the hair-band movement).

What you’re doing here is simple—consuming burgers, beers and shots. Think of it as a John Lee Hooker song with a meal and all your rowdy friends. Nothing else here is simple. Ten street artists went to town on the place with epileptic graffiti murals, strategic paint splatters, artfully burned wood panels and tile mosaics (courtesy of Space Invader).

You’ll want to beeline to the hard-to-miss red velvet banquette with the three neon “Love Me” signs above it (saves you from having to ask). There, you’ll generically yell “Shots” and just hope for the best while you take care of business on a turkey burger with stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato and gravy dip.

And now—you ready?—there’s a huge mechanical pickle/bull.

It’s probably kosher, if that helps.


at The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
(at Siren's Cove Blvd)
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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