Super Tuesday

You Voted. Now Here’s Your Party.

You’ve endured endless editorials, avalanches of Facebook commentary and vicious attack ads. But enough about your campaign to get on <em>Homeland</em>. Here are five spots to watch the presidential returns tonight—right after you vote.

Watching Election During the Election

Watching <em>Election</em> During the Election

No matter who your chosen candidate is, there’s one thing both sides can agree on: movies at bars are great. At Daddy Jones tonight, you can take a time-out from seeing who took Ohio to watch Election and The Campaign on separate TVs. And to answer your question: yes, there will be Jell-O shots.

Starts at 5pm, Daddy Jones, 524 Medford St, Somerville, 617-690-9095

You Voted. Here Are Your Fries.

You Voted. Here Are Your Fries.

If early voting reports are to be believed, long lines may be in your voting future. But your efforts will be rewarded at Blue Inc., with election-y cocktails (think: the Blue Libertini) and a gratis plate of their freedom fries going to those sporting “I Voted” stickers. Democracy should always end in fries.

5-10pm, Blue Inc., 131 Broad St, 617-261-5353

Bowling Your Way Through the Results

Bowling Your Way Through the Results

Often, casting an important ballot just makes you want to bowl. Well, head to Kings tonight, show proof you voted today and you’ll get a round of bowling on the house, along with half-price apps and a prize to the most patriotically dressed. No, the prize isn’t a Senate seat.

Obama. Romney. Grilled Cheese.

Obama. Romney. Grilled Cheese.

Or if bowling isn’t your thing, know that Towne is throwing a bash at their upstairs bar. Involved: you, fellow voters and live streaming of the results with passed mini grilled cheese sandwiches and sliders. Should you need wheels, Uber is offering $15 off for first-time users from the polls to the party. Yes.

$5 Pizzas and a Huge HDTV

$5 Pizzas and a Huge HDTV

Finally, if all you really want is America’s favorite comfort food (read: pizza) and to watch the returns on Boston’s largest bar HDTV, head to the Greatest Bar. They’ll be broadcasting the results live with sound, and you’ll be landing $5 pizzas and half-price apps. The real winner tonight: you.

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