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Good dates should unfold like a three-act play.

Act 1: Establish motivation with rapid-fire repartee.

Act 2: Build tension. Your eyes will deliver most of the dialogue here.

Act 3: Climax. Yes, you know what we’re referring to. The part when a grilled cheese sandwich arrives.

To that end... Bar Pastoral, a snug, rustic cove of wine and cheese that’s perfect for pre- and post-date canoodling, opening soon in Lakeview.

This is from the guys behind Pastoral, the ones you’ve long admired for their superior cheesemongering. In fact, at lunch you can order a sandwich at Pastoral, walk through a passageway in the back and find a table here. Because you’re also pretty keen on their sandwichmongering.

But its main use is after 5pm. It’s just dark enough, accented with vaulted ceilings, two bars and a chandelier made from a cow-milking implement. (Yeah, that old look.)

Before a movie at the Landmark, stop in for a glass of wine (they have 16 by the glass) and graze through small plates like Portuguese cheese fondue, cheesy cauliflower and duck rillettes parfait.

Later, when you’re dying to dissect that indie foreign doc (or erase it from your memory), squeeze into that little two-person window seat. Order a glass of Michigan bubbly (it’s on tap) and a grilled cheese oozing with ricotta, pears and almonds.

Yes, almonds can ooze.


Bar Pastoral
2945 N Broadway St
(at N Wellington Ave)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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