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Neon Signs, Domed Pools and Strip Comedy

A New Restaurant Called Honey Salt

A New Restaurant Called Honey Salt

The Strip’s great. Really, it is. But sometimes you want a certain vibe. Something like, say, summer in Massachusetts. And for those times, there’s this place. It’s got a bunch of reclaimed wood, farmhouse tables, meatballs and scallops. Be thankful they weren’t going for a summer-in-Reno vibe.

Now open, Honey Salt, 1031 S Rampart Blvd (at W Charleston Blvd), 702-445-6100

All-Year Swimming Under a Dome

All-Year Swimming Under a Dome

You know Surrender. With its huge bar, go-go dancers and outdoor oasis of pools and cabanas. Well, now there’s more. Five thousand square feet more, plus 24 extra VIP tables. Also, a dome. It covers the pool, and yes, it’s climate-controlled. Next summer, maybe they’ll blot out the sun.

A Graveyard for Defunct Neon Signs

A Graveyard for Defunct Neon Signs

Neon: it’s what makes the Strip glow and your eyes hurt. There’s a whole museum dedicated to the stuff, and now the outdoor spot known as the Boneyard’s open for tours. So stop by for views of iconic Vegas signage dating back to the 1930s. And pay your respects to Girls! Girls! Girls!

Now open, The Neon Boneyard at The Neon Museum, 770 Las Vegas Blvd N (at E McWilliams Ave), 702-387-6366

Project Pie, Open at Last

Project Pie, Open at Last

Here’s your new MGM pizza spot. It’s called Project Pie, and after a bunch of delays, it’s finally open. So stop in. Say hello. Grace them with your pizza-eating prowess. Just choose your toppings, then watch as it’s transformed in the magnificent, 800-degree, pizza-yielding crucible. Ah, the circle of life.

Strip Comedy at the Palms

<i>Strip Comedy</i> at the Palms

Hey, look, a couple attractive ladies are on stage. Removing their clothes. While the audience cheers. So... yep, comedy show. Improv, to be exact. And it involves two teams going head-to-head, with human scorecards shedding clothing for each victory. But really, there are no losers here.

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