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Your Last-Minute Guide to Halloween

This past weekend, you saw a few sexy tigers and zombie Brian Wilsons. And that was just your Game 4 watch party. Tonight, however, it’s on for real: Halloween. Herewith, five places to do it right.

VIP Tickets at the Clift

VIP Tickets at the Clift

This is a big one: Clift’s 12th annual Halloween party, a DJ’d fete with an open bar (and VIP tickets available only via Perks). The night’s theme: inspired by The Fifth Element. Good thing you have that Sexy Gary Oldman costume.

Tarot. Fortune-Tellers. Pumpkin Beer.

Tarot. Fortune-Tellers. Pumpkin Beer.

We’ve seen your future, and you’re at RN74, in costume, drinking pumpkin beer and cocktails, eating $1 oysters and commiserating with a tarot-card reader and fortune-teller. It’s almost like we have a crystal ball or something...

Oct 31, 4-8pm, RN74, 301 Mission St, 415-543-7474

Titanic-Related Goodness at Heirloom

<i>Titanic</i>-Related Goodness at Heirloom

Dust off (or, you know, acquire) a vintage tailcoat for Heirloom’s Vintage Ball, replete with a five-course dinner inspired loosely by the Titanic. There’ll be oysters Rockefeller, beef Wellington and a fair amount of champagne. Better yet, you’ll be on dry land.

Oct 31, $100, Heirloom Café, 2500 Folsom St, reserve at 415-821-2500

Bad Movie Night at the Aquarium

Bad Movie Night at the Aquarium

Piranha 3D: a cinematic treasure that came this close to winning an Oscar. (And by this close, we mean not close at all.) Anyway, the Aquarium’s showing the movie with an MST3K-style running commentary from Dark Room Theater. And it’s probably the only party where a bikini counts as an appropriate costume.

Watching Halloween on Halloween

Watching <i>Halloween</i> on Halloween

A psychotic murderer. A kitchen knife. Jamie Lee Curtis circa 1978. But enough about that really weird dream you had last night, let’s talk Halloween. They’re showing it at the historic Balboa, built in 1926. No jokes about that being Jamie Lee’s birth year, please.

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