Fright Night

The Best Halloween Parties in the City

So it’s All Hallows’ Eve. And after a year of blood, sweat and glitter, you’ve got your costume. Now, you just need your party. Well, good news, we’ve found five. Below, the best last-minute Halloween soirees in the city. Rumor is, they have treats.

A Halloween Street Party, Asian-Style

A Halloween Street Party, Asian-Style

The Tricks: An outdoor street lounge for watching the parade of Tan Moms, prowling cougars and naughty nurses on Lincoln Road. It’s chilling.
The Treats: Stiff drinks, music and a candy station with yuzu gummy worms and a Snickers bar made from miso cashew butter.
Playing Dress-Up: Anime characters, American Ninja and, yes, the “Gangnam Style” guy.

Masquerading in a Garden in SoBe

Masquerading in a Garden in SoBe

The Tricks: It’s an Eyes Wide Shut–type affair, so if you want tickets, you’ll need a password. Try “Fidelio.” Seriously, try it.
The Treats: A gratis drink and mask. Plus, half-naked models serving shots... in a garden.
Playing Dress-Up: It’s black-tie suggested. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also wear a mask/feathers/lace.

Oct 31, 7pm, $60, Bâoli Miami, 1906 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-674-8822

A Spooky Spanish Villa in Downtown

A Spooky Spanish Villa in Downtown

The Tricks: A haunted house party at Villa 221 that encompasses the 100-year-old main house, the tropical garden and the terrace. There’s nothing scarier than a haunted terrace.
The Treats: Complimentary vodka cocktails, live bands, food trucks and a costume contest. There’s always a costume contest.
Playing Dress-Up: Anything goes, but make it good. Like first-place-bragging-rights good.

Oct 31, 8pm (gratis vodka 8-9pm), $10, Villa 221, 221 NE 17th St, 305-416-5280

A Night of Bloodsucking Acrobats

A Night of Bloodsucking Acrobats

The Tricks: A Cirque du Soleil–style show. In a big top. That’s Count Dracula themed. Look, it’s Halloween. It doesn’t have to make sense.
The Treats: Scantily clad acrobats, dancers and contortionists. With a thing for jugulars.
Playing Dress-Up: Capes. Lots and lots of capes.

Partying with an Undead Flight Crew

Partying with an Undead Flight Crew

The Tricks: This fete is made to look like a haunted plane-crash site in Havana. With zombie flight-attendant dancers. Who may or may not be packing tiny bags of peanuts.
The Treats: A rum bar, flapper girls and music from Lazerdisk Party Sex and the Chainsmokers.
Playing Dress-Up: Guayaberas, fedoras, linen. Whatever undead Hemingway would wear.

Oct 31, 8pm-2am (gratis rum 8-10pm), Hyde Beach, 1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-674-1701

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