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Dating in an Old Ambulance Garage

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So... Sandy.


Yeah, so anyway, here’s a new date spot in an old ambulance garage. In Milton.

Give your driver directions to Steel & Rye, a history-ensconced house of artisanal bread, grilled oysters and the smells of America, slated to open on Monday.

This is about as close as you’re going to get to having dinner inside a Norman Rockwell painting. Provided the bucolic painting involved a lot of repurposed steel, salvaged butler’s pantries, iron-pulley-based lighting and bars made from pine two-by-fours. All housed within a former ambulance garage with 30-foot ceilings. (Chances of it getting loud: fair.)

Its key use: a date spot. So you’ll call up that vixen you met while antiquing, endure the nine-mile trek here and grab a stool near the open kitchen. That’s where you’ll split some polenta with beef ragout and fresh farmers’ cheese and talk. Oh, and admire the first US-patented hand-cranked pasta machine, dating back to around 1920. (The pasta, however, is fresh.)

Or you could always use the 30-plus private dining space out back to corral your pomace-brandy-appreciation subgroup for cascading rounds of Verona by Nights (grappa, grapefruit bitters, lemon).

Verona. As American as apple pie.

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