Private World Series Screenings at Paragon

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3 Photos Private World Series Screenings at Paragon
None 3 Photos Private World Series Screenings at Paragon

Home of the Big Three. Motown. Christie Brinkley (look it up).

Also: a little baseball team called the Tigers.

And on the off chance you can’t make it there when the Giants do this Saturday... this is the next best thing:

Private World Series Screenings at Paragon, two different private rooms outfitted with flat-screens, video screens, beer kegs and the ballpark grub of your choosing, available now in SoMa.

Yep, that’s right: you’re about to throw a private keg party at a restaurant, all in honor of Buster Posey and co. taking on the Tigers.

Your journey begins with a choice. There’s the Gallery Room, with space for about 70 people. Or if it’s an intimate occasion, you’ll want to go with the Library, since it only holds... oh, 25 people.

From there, you’ll figure out how to configure the room. (We recommend stadium-style, with a tasteful amount of Giants paraphernalia—face-paint at your own risk.) You’ll have your pick of roughly a dozen beer kegs, and they’ll also arrange to get anything they don’t already have.

Finally, you’ll want to customize the spread. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches: sure. Crab cakes: of course. Pulled-pork sliders and baby back ribs: heck yes.

And if for some reason you can’t make it happen during the World Series, they can also do the same setup for other events in the future.

Next year’s Flag Day party is about to get next-level.

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