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Greek Eats and The Fresh Prince in Somerville

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Ah, the good old days.

When house parties always led to kitchen-mingling. Primetime TV equaled The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And mixtapes… were made on actual cassette tapes.

Good news: those days have just been distilled into a bar. In Somerville.

Prepare to feel at home in Daddy Jones, the new celebration of classic drinks, Cosby Show reruns and Greek-spun happy food, opening a week from Thursday.

This is the sort of high-ceilinged, art deco–lit, 35-seat neighborhood cocktail chamber that the part of you with a soft spot for Carlton Banks always wanted. Think: wall-mounted public-school lockers, house-infused gins and flat-screens aglow with classic 1980s sitcoms (random observation: ALF today isn’t as funny as we remember it).

Something else you’ll like: it’s multifunctional. One day, you’ll quench those rare-but-real Harvey Wallbanger urges at the bar (made here with orange juice ice cubes, vodka, ouzo and amaretto). Another day, you’ll take a date here for Athenian nom-noms, inspired by the owner’s food memories growing up in Greece (read: pita-wrapped grilled sausage and marinated pork with tzatziki sandwiches).

Or you’ll just grab a high-top near the tiny, kitchen-y bar in the back. This is where you’ll probably reunite with high school pals during the planned mixtape parties, with you supplying your old cassette mixes.

Luckily, the Kid ’n Play oeuvre is timeless.

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