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150 Feet of Buoyant Wooden Glory

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Quick, grab a bottle of champagne.

And a flotation device.

And probably an Indonesian-to-English dictionary.

Oh, and if you have one of those underwater helmet cam things... bring that, too.

Because you’re about to christen 150 feet of buoyant wooden glory known as Alila Purnama—an Indonesian schooner that thinks it’s a hotel—taking reservations now for its inaugural six-day voyage in December.

If Jack Sparrow had a midlife crisis, this is what he’d splurge on: three decks hand-fashioned from hardwood, just like when piracy was good and fashionable. You’ll find her anchored on the island of Sorong. Which you’ll fly into from Bali. Yeah... sorry about that. We know how you feel about layovers on ridiculously scenic islands.

Once aboard, you’ve got enough well-appointed, wi-fi-enabled cabins to sleep 10 (pro tip: call dibs on the one with a wraparound balcony). So if you have nine friends whose interests include island-hopping and/or vintage sailboats, she’s all yours. If not... well, surely you know at least one Mary Ann or Ginger who enjoys 144-hour tours of the South Pacific.

From there, you’re off to navigate whatever impossibly clear waters your captain wishes. The staff outnumbers guests nearly two to one, so mutiny is futile. You’ll just have to settle for diving with manta rays, snorkeling about coral reefs and scouring the depths for mysteriously flirtatious mermaids.

As if there’s another kind.


Alila Purnama
Jl Belimbing Sari
Banjar Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu
Bali 80364
+65 67 35 8300
official website


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