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A West Village Boutique for Dress Shirts and Whiskey

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We’ve got something to tell you.

It’s about this new spot in the West Village.

It’s decorated with random driftwood and has comfortable chairs. It’s got a flat-screen and a bar with whiskey.

So... yep. Clothing store.

Welcome inside Warehaus, a new boutique that’s outfitting you with cotton pants, gingham shirts, vintage wool ties and other fall essentials (so, bourbon), now open in the West Village.

Maybe you like shopping. Maybe you’re indifferent. Either way, you probably have a thing for living rooms with comfortable high-backed chairs, stained concrete floors and TVs. Well, that’s what this place is. It just happens to also sell clothes. Stuff like black Nicholas K overcoats, made-for-layering gray Riviera Club cardigans and soon, some fine jackets from Percival. The hooded, all-weather kind that November typically requires.

So the next time you need to wear clothes, say, a chilly autumn morning, you’ll come by. Just walk in and make yourself comfortable. Watch a little TV. Grab some whiskey at the bar. Commandeer the iPod and change the music (they love it when you put on Springsteen). And when you’re good and ready, do some browsing.

Of course, if you’re too busy working (or something) to make it into the store, these guys are available to stop by your office with a suitcase full of stuff they think you might like.

No, not the bourbon.


3699 McKinney Ave, Ste 501
Dallas, TX, 75204


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