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Pumpkin Martinis and Comfort Food on Liberty

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You’re not quite ready to give up on outdoor patios yet.

Understandable. They’re fun. And outdoors.

But it’s cold out, so this time of year you only focus on those with heat towers. And fire pits. And, if possible, pumpkin martinis.

Straighten your tie and say hi to 75 on Liberty Wharf, your new neighborhood American comfort food haven, opening today on the waterfront.

Brought to you by the people behind Cheers and 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill, this is like the bright, super-mahogany’d, 35-seat little sister to the latter, practically kissing the waterfront next to the Fish Pier. It’s the kind of place where you’ll stop in with some office mates on a brisk day to warm up by the outdoor fire pit with a bowl of five-alarm chili. And maybe a simple glass of house-infused apple-cinnamon vodka, while watching the tuna fishermen buzz around the pier (note: quote The Perfect Storm at your own risk).

At night, you’ve got the kind of floor-to-ceiling windows ideal for a second date. And for savoring some Nantucket Seafood Stew (Gulf shrimp, hand-cut salmon, swordfish, sea bass) while you use the planes landing at Logan (and the apple-cider-and-organic-spiced-rum Stormy Northeast) to reveal you’ve just purchased tickets for a late-fall tropical island getaway.

Or just a Celtics-Hawks game.

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