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A Classic Leather Shop on Abbot Kinney

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A campground:

Great place to swap stories, share blankets, show off your ability to hammer stakes into dirt and consume large marshmallows without judgment.

An Abbot Kinney leather shop that looks like a campground:

Solid place to get a handsome bag before dinner at Gjelina.

Introducing Will Leather Goods, the great-outdoorsy new Abbot Kinney leather shop that feels like the hippest campground ever, officially opening tomorrow in Venice.

Here, you’re surrounded by tree trunks. Old gas lanterns illuminating a roaring fire. (Note: there’s no fire.) But you’re not in a campground—you’re at a new shop selling hearty leather bags that you’ll want for weekends when you might get a little dirty. Things might get scuffed-up. That’s cool. Just wears these things in a bit.

And the place has a real sense of Venice history—though the brand got Internet-famous in Oregon a while back, the owner actually got his start selling belts on the boardwalk a few blocks away. Since then, he’s also crafted some wallets and fold-up leather dog bowls.

There’s nothing worse than an unfoldable leather dog bowl.


Will Leather Goods
1360 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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