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The Most Tequila per Square Foot in Las Vegas

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The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

Hey, we didn’t say it. William Blake said it. We’re just the ones who realized the road in question was Las Vegas Boulevard.

And that this was the palace: Javier’s, a shimmering citadel of carne asada and a truly staggering amount of tequila, now soft-open in Aria.

Yes, you’re correct—you probably don’t need another place in Las Vegas to drink tequila. But you do need a place where you can drink every kind of tequila. Or at least every kind of 102-proof scotch-quality tequila, like the DeLeón 51.

Another bonus: this is on the casino level, so if you want to let the blackjack dealer off the hook for a while, just listen for traditional Mexican music and look for the Tequila Tree, which is pretty much what you’d expect: a giant gnarled sculpture that’s exactly like the Giving Tree. Except, you know, it holds tequila in its branches.

And, well, since you’ll be drinking in a place that has 9,000 square feet filled with white adobe walls, chairs laced like corsets and the biggest piece of artwork depicting the history of Mexico that has ever been carved by a chain saw, you may want to get dressed up and come back for a night filled with margaritas, carnitas and lobster enchiladas.

Chain saws and corsets usually lead to fun places.

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