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Where to Host Your Halloween Party

Halloween. It’s coming. And you could throw a party, or you could throw a <em>party</em>. Herewith, five uncommon places to take over on All Hallows’ Eve—including, of course, an island—to make sure you do the second one.

An Old Gothic Mansion

An Old Gothic Mansion

The pedigree: A 123-year-old mansion that has belonged to a candy baron and czarist Russians, and was where the founder of the Church of Satan practiced witchcraft. Oh, and Tom Wolfe and the Grateful Dead hung out there.
Tricks/treats: About 28 rooms at your disposal, if you play your cards right.
For channeling: Zombie Jerry Garcia, zombie Willy Wonka, zombie Tom Wolfe.

Firehouse 8

Firehouse 8

The pedigree: A formerly functioning firehouse—Engine Company No. 8—from 1917 to 1980.
Tricks/treats: A working fire pole. We’ll let you decide for what.
For channeling: Probably a fireman. Or Showgirls. But probably a fireman.

Firehouse 8, 1648 Pacific Ave (at Polk), 415-265-0552

A Waterfront Winery

A Waterfront Winery

The pedigree: It’s not haunted. It’s not next to a cemetery. And yet... if you’ve ever read “The Cask of Amontillado,” you know there’s something spooky about wine.
Tricks/treats: It wouldn’t be a winery without wine. Lots and lots of wine.
For channeling: Edgar Allan Poe, a Roman emperor.

Crimson Lounge

Crimson Lounge

The pedigree: A lounge. That’s crimson. Everywhere.
Tricks/treats: A private bar, plentiful sofas and low lighting. If you’re thinking a bordello theme, this is the place.
For channeling: Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining trailer.

On Your Own Private Island

On Your Own Private Island

The pedigree: It’s a private island. Located a few yards offshore, but still.
Tricks/treats: See “pedigree.” Also, white-sand patios and an underwater dining room.
For channeling: Jacques Cousteau, Gilligan.

Forbes Island, Sea Lion Harbor, H Dock (between Piers 39 and 41), 415-450-8411

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