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Something about fall pulls you to Harvard Square. Maybe it’s the Head of the Charles. Oh, right, it is. Which reminds you: you promised yourself you’d find a nautical-themed pub near the race this year to keep alive the rowing spirit for a few more pints. Thus, we present The Boathouse, now open in the old Trata space. Release the numbers...

Lanterns from the 1800s visible upon entering: 4
Vintage Harvard crew boats from the 1930s situated above them: 1
Oars over the bar: 2
Chances of grabbing one for your own rowboat: 0
Simmering pots of hot apple cider behind the bar: 1
Ciders you’ll order during your visit: 0
Ciders you’ll wish you ordered: 1
Rums available to spike said cider: 15
Rums older than the 22-year-old blonde you’ll notice at the bar: 1
Iron mermaids taunting you from the doorway: 1
Estimated weight of said iron mermaid, in pounds: 100
Satisfaction of the first draft milk stout consumed (1 to 10): 9
Price of the popcorn chicken appetizer: $7
House cocktails involving rum to chase them down: 6
Ideal time to buy one for a saucy graduate student: after 9pm
Chances said student will inquire about your age: 100%


The Boathouse
49 Mt. Auburn St
Cambridge, MA, 02138


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