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The Most Haunted Places Money Can Rent

Halloween: a holiday that just begs for a party. One with attentive French maids. Special nurses. And Potato Jesus. So here are five places you can rent out for such an event. Some are haunted. Some might be. May the Great Pumpkin be with you.

New York Marble Cemetery

New York Marble Cemetery

Legend has it: It was once New York’s most fashionable place to be buried. Now Vogue does fashion shoots there.
Tricks/treats: Underground marble vaults, real-dead-people cred, probably a nice rolling fog.
For channeling: Classic ghosts: Casper, Boo Berry, Hamlet, Patrick Swayze.

Merchant’s House Museum

Merchant’s House Museum

Legend has it: The ghosts of a 19th-century family still live here comfortably.
Tricks/treats: Creakings, spectral light, a lush garden, two floors of vintage-cocktail-friendly Greek revivalism.
For channeling: Victorian classiness: your Jane Austen and Dickens types, maybe a rakish, pre-painting Dorian Gray.

Sparks Steak House

Sparks Steak House

Legend has it: John Gotti had Paul Castellano and a mob underboss gunned down here 26 years ago.
Tricks/treats: A secret steak-aging process, a waitstaff, room for 250.
For channeling: Any character currently or formerly on Boardwalk Empire, Robert De Niro, guys in tracksuits and blue-blockers.

Elizabeth Street Gallery

Elizabeth Street Gallery

Legend has it: A volcanic eruption immediately turned everyone at last year’s party into statues. Kidding, they’re just statues.
Tricks/treats: 20,000 square feet of lushness and creepy statuary. Live-music friendliness.
For channeling: Garden gnomes, pixies, famous statues, party guests.

Bridge Café

Bridge Café

Legend has it: Once had a bouncer who bit off and pickled rowdy patron’s ears. It’s been a pirate bar, a brothel and inspiration for scenes in Gangs of New York.
Tricks/treats: Been around since 1794. Has an extensive whiskey list.
For channeling: Bill the Butcher, zombie amputees, Jack Sparrow.

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