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Carmellini Goulash in an Old Library

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The guys behind the Dutch have a new spot.

It’s with the guys from Joe’s Pub.

It’s in a theater.

So according to the transitive property of restaurants you love, we guess you’re going to eat at a theater...

Introducing The Library at The Public, a bookish enclave of goulash, applejack cocktails and knowledge at the Public Theater, taking reservations now and opening next Tuesday in NoHo.

This is an Avengers-like team of guys from Locanda Verde, the Dutch and Joe’s Pub bringing artisanal champagnes and kielbasa to your dinner-and-a-show date nights. Which puts it solidly into biggest-opening-of-the-fall consideration.

It looks... like a library. Slates and dignified herringbone woods and O. Henry volumes and a reading-lamp-lined bar. It’s low in light and in ceiling, and high in smell-goody leather.

But then again, there’s that bar part—where you’ll take your rum-egg-sour-beer cocktail while peering down at a copy of Candide through a monocle. Alternatively, you could sit and drink with someone after watching whatever troubadour just played at Joe’s.

Even better: grab a seat at one of the three long, curved banquettes that surround the purple-camouflage Indian carpeting (can’t miss it) and eat. It’s trademark Carmellini stuff that sounds kind of suspect but tastes kind of delicious—like short rib goulash, head-on prawns in basil vinaigrette and toasted mini crab rolls.

Okay, that sounded pretty great, actually.

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