Body R+D

Skeptical Investigation

Like Pilates. Only Much, Much More Painful.

We’re lovers. You know that. But every now and again, something comes across our desks that just seems... suspicious. Because of the tremendous material upside to all our lives if these claims pan out, we at times put ourselves in harm’s way to investigate. Albeit skeptically.

We call it: Skeptical Investigation. (Trademark pending.)

The new fitness studio Body R+D features the cult Hollywood workout Megaformer. Some call it Pilates on steroids—a grueling experience where you can burn 500 to 700 calories in a 45-minute session. We figured we’d look into it. (Not that we don’t trust Hollywood hype... but let’s just say Battleship left us wary.)

Our fearless investigator walked into the brick-walled fitness studio, which has a pumping sound system and 10 Megaformer machines—basically a cross between a Pilates reformer machine, a Total Gym and a Swiss Army knife. We signed up for a private session with the owner, a former Hollywood music video producer turned fitness guru.

The session started... easy enough. An abductor twist. Fine. Then a basic plank. Okay. Then... it gets a little blurry. There was a position called the Cobra. And the Catfish. And then... we cried. Hot, salty tears. Streaming onto our apparatus. No, no. Wait. It was sweat. Just sweat. Good.

It’s not Pilates. Steroidal or otherwise. But it’s similar. And you’ll be sore the next day. And you probably won’t want to go 46 minutes.


Body R+D
2940 N Lincoln Ave
(between Wellington and George)
Chicago, IL, 60657

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