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A Haircut, a Shave and a Tattoo

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Consider the erotic toy shop.

Great spot for... well, you know. Furry handcuffs. Battery-operated unmentionables. Discovering movies with very little in the way of plot.

Oh, and also beers, beard trims and a Mike Tyson face tattoo...

Which brings us to Tön Vangard, a former adult store turned barbershop/tattoo parlor/neighborhood watering hole by way of Barcelona, now open in Fort Lauderdale.

Right, so this means no whips, beads or vibrating eggs are still sold here. Instead, you’ll now find a salon of sorts. The kind where your haircut comes with a beer (you’ve seen that before) and perhaps a tattoo (um, okay).

See, this place comes courtesy of Spain (that explains a bit). It’s all exposed ductwork, Russian street art, piercings, tattoo machines and, in the center, a huge, square bar.

So if you’ve been looking to grab a cocktail, a wet shave and a neck tattoo, you’ve just hit the crazy-train jackpot. For a haircut, head toward the leather chairs in the back, sit and ask for a little off the top. For a tattoo, well, you’ll have to wait till October. That’s when they’ll officially open the parlor.

Till then, just tell Mom how much you love her.

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