Rob Gronkowski

On Gisele, Spiking and the Super Bowl

None All hail the force of life that is the Patriots’ star tight end Rob Gronkowski. We caught up with him fresh off the news of his new partnership with the sports drink BodyArmor to discuss Gisele, spikes and what a perfect ankle could have meant during Super Bowl XLVI.

UD: What are some of your go-to spots in Foxboro for a burger or beer?
RG: I hit the one right next to Patriot Place, Davio’s. That place is legit. For seafood, we always hit up Skipjack’s. That’s a good spot to eat.

UD: We caught the Tennessee game last week and were excited to see one of the first “Gronk Spikes” of the season. It looked like it kind of slipped out of your hand a little bit.
RG: [chuckles] Yeah, it slipped out of my hand. It was pretty funny. I tried to play it off a little bit, and I gave my teammate a chest bump right after, so... it’s all good. I got a little harassment from my friends and my family, but it’s all in good spirits.

UD: You’re a big first-round pick in a lot of fantasy drafts. Would you take yourself over another top tight end—say, Jimmy Graham of New Orleans?
RG: It’s up to the person, and it all depends on who’s your favorite team. But I don’t play fantasy football, because I’m in the NFL.

UD: Right. How’s the ankle?
RG: It’s good.

UD: Do you think if your ankle was 100% during the last Super Bowl that you would’ve caught that Hail Mary pass?
RG: If my ankle was 100%, it could’ve been a whole different outcome in the game from the very beginning. I mean, we can’t put it on that, overall, saying, “If I was 100%, I would’ve caught it.” But it was what it was, and we’ll just never know.

UD: Single-word association time. Let’s start with something easy: Gisele.
RG: Cool.

UD: Paulina Gretzky.
RG: Body.

UD: Porn stars.
RG: No comment.

UD: Football.
RG: Fun.

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