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These Women Have Some Twitpics for You

10 Photos Fashion Week Twitpics
None 10 Photos Fashion Week Twitpics
Fashion Week.

Once again, it’s time to say goodbye until next year.

Goodbye to the models. To the catwalks. To the pictures we found on Twitter of models and model-like people trying to get in on the action and generally just being beautiful.

There were a lot of those, you know.

Allow us to demonstrate...

Feast your eyeballs on some Fashion Week Twitpics, a little slideshow we put together that explores the sartorial intricacies and nuanced layers of... okay, it’s a bunch of pouty-lipped women who took pictures of themselves and tweeted them.

And they’re all here for you in one place. One glorious Miranda-Kerr-striking-a-pose-next-to-a-convertible-and-Izabel-Goulart-drinking-out-of-a-coconut-in-a-swimsuit... place.

So as the dust settles on yet another week of fashion-y greatness, take a moment to reflect. To pay homage to the long-haired tall people who had the mental fortitude and common decency to tweet pictures of themselves frolicking on beaches. And boats. And cars.

Catwalks are overrated anyway.

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