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Bourbon Steak’s New Bourbon Cart

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Man, the cavemen sure knew how to party.

Fire. Red meat. A hot new invention called the wheel. Boom: party.

And now, a mere 6,000 years later, we’ve taken their time-tested formula and added a key ingredient: whiskey.

Say hello to The Bourbon Cart at Bourbon Steak, a welcome breakthrough in bourbon-distribution technology, now rolling in Union Square.

Allow us to set the scene. You’re at Bourbon Steak. Before you: a smartly seared rib eye. Then it hits you: a ravenous thirst. Your move: summoning the cart, preferably through a suitably old-timey gesture. (Shouting out “Ahoy-hoy,” perhaps.)

And then, behold: a cart appears. This thing was originally a caviar cart, which the Bourbon Steakers found in the building when they moved in. (Reminds us of that saying about trash and treasure...)

Now, we should warn you: they may pull out a blowtorch and toast up some coffee beans. It’s all part of a process that’s inspired by Japanese whiskey service, which is apparently a thing.

All in all, you’ll get three generous pours: one bourbon, one rye and one single malt. Plus a Baby Bourbon/Cynar/Bénédictine/mint Chester Copperpot cocktail that’s been barrel-aged in new oak.

Which sure beats the hell out of old oak.


The Bourbon Cart at Bourbon Steak
at the Westin St. Francis
335 Powell St
(at Geary)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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